Learning From Eric Ries: A Pioneer of the Lean Startup Methodology

Artem Loginov
Product & Quality
August 12, 2023


Eric Ries is a name that resonates strongly in the world of startups. Best known for developing the Lean Startup methodology, he has fundamentally changed the way we approach business strategy and product development. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the key learnings from Ries’ career and influential writings, including his seminal book, “The Lean Startup,” published in 2011.

Pioneering the Lean Startup Methodology

Eric Ries coined the term ‘Lean Startup’ in 2008, marking a new era in business strategy. His approach emphasises iterative product releases to gain valuable customer feedback, long before the final product is fully developed. This early and continuous validation helps to ensure the final product meets market demands, reducing risks and wasted resources.

The “Build-Measure-Learn” Loop

At the heart of the Lean Startup methodology, outlined in his 2011 book “The Lean Startup”, is the “build-measure-learn” feedback loop. This concept encourages businesses to build a minimum viable product (MVP), measure how it performs in the market, learn from the data, and iterate on the product accordingly. This approach allows startups to validate their assumptions, learn what customers actually want, and pivot if necessary, all while minimising wasted effort and resources.

Learning from Failures

Before his Lean Startup success, Ries faced a significant failure with his first startup, Catalyst Recruiting. Despite having a great team and a seemingly robust business plan, Catalyst Recruiting failed to gain traction. From this experience, Ries learned the importance of understanding customer needs and testing business assumptions before heavily investing in a product.

Building Sustainable Businesses

In “The Lean Startup,” Ries stresses the importance of sustainable business growth. Using a method known as ‘innovation accounting,’ he advocates for tracking progress, setting up milestones, and prioritising work to create a sustainable business.

Ries’s Impact on Product Development and Strategy

Eric Ries’s Lean Startup principles have permeated into all aspects of business, but their impact on product development and strategy is especially significant. His methodologies have allowed startups to pivot more efficiently, scale effectively, and reduce waste during the product development process.


Eric Ries’s work and ideas, particularly his book “The Lean Startup,” have deeply influenced the way we view and approach business today. His teachings are a testament to the fact that understanding your market, learning from failures, and focusing on sustainable growth can significantly increase your odds of startup success. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your journey, his wisdom offers invaluable lessons for all.

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