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Our immersive programs are designed to foster innovation, enhance collaboration, and sharpen technical skills in a dynamic and inspiring environment.

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We are a team of industry professionals dedicated to organising team retreats and training experiences for your tech and product teams. With our expertise, we ensure each retreat is not only enjoyable but also valuable, offering tailor-made workshops that cater to your team's specific needs.

Yann Torres
Infrastructure & Engineering
Artem Loginov
Product & Quality
Dmitry Zaets
Architecture & Engineering

Empowering the Local Tech Ecosystem



BarcelonaJS is one of the largest tech communities in Spain, with over 5,000 members. It serves as the hub for JavaScript enthusiasts in Barcelona. We have proudly co-organised this community since 2017. Through BarcelonaJS, we connect with like-minded individuals, stay updated on the latest trends, and share our knowledge to empower others.

ReactJS Barcelona

ReactJS Barcelona

In 2016, we co-created the ReactJS meetup, a dedicated platform for all things React. Our team managed the meetup until it seamlessly merged with BarcelonaJS, bringing even more innovation and expertise to the community.

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At CMDN, we believe in transparency and excellence. As we can't be experts in everything, we collaborate with trusted partners, experts in their fields, to ensure the highest quality and the best results for our clients.

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