Case study: Our experience creating a boat show companion app

Artem Loginov
Product & Quality
June 1, 2024
Valencia Electric Boat show companion app development

One of our co-founders,  Artem Loginov is also a co-founder at VOLTA electric boats, a company that promotes and sells electric boats and boat electrification in general. Their mission is to make the navigation emission free and lower the overall carbon footprint of this industry to the minimum. Volta is a member of the Asosiación Nacional de Barcos Eléctricos (ANBE) and Artem is a chair of this association.

This year, ANBE organized Spain's first Electric Boat Show in Valencia, a landmark event designed to set high standards and display the latest in electric boat technology and services. As it was the first event of its kind in Spain and organised by the association, there was a strong desire to make a good impression and effectively present available solutions.

Faced with the challenge of not having an existing system to manage ticketing and attendance, CMDN devised a solution. Within a remarkably short timeframe of just two weeks, our team developed a comprehensive application. Initially planned to generate QR-code tickets that could be sent via email and scanned at the event entrance, the scope quickly expanded to include an event map, conference schedules, and an exhibitor list. These features aimed to enhance the usability and navigability of the application for attendees.

The application performed admirably during the event, facilitating easy ticket access and efficient entry scanning. It also provided the organisers with real-time data on attendance and detailed reports after the event, which were invaluable for assessing engagement and planning for future events.

Feedback from ANBE, the event controllers, and the attendees was positive, particularly regarding the app’s added features and user-friendliness. CMDN’s rapid and effective development of this tool met the specific needs of the event.

The event coordination team is scanning the tickets of the attendees at the Valencia Electric Boat Show 2024

This collaboration has provided CMDN with valuable experience, reinforcing our capability to support industry events through targeted digital solutions quickly.

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