Breaking the Mid-Level Barrier: Practical Tips for Coding Growth

Dmitry Zaets
Architecture & Engineering
November 1, 2023

Navigating the space between mid-level proficiency and expert mastery can be a challenging journey. Here are some practical tips designed to enhance both technical skills and problem-solving approaches:

Study Team Code

Enhance your coding skills by actively studying the code written by senior team members. Beyond obligatory code reviews, analyze their pull requests to understand coding patterns and decision-making processes.

Analyze Library Source Code

Libraries are fundamental to projects. Don't be afraid to read the source code of the libraries you're using. Start with the smaller ones, visit their GitHub repositories, and examine how they are written.

Systematic Troubleshooting

When facing issues with third-party libraries and can't find the solution in the docs or on StackOverflow, don't hesitate. Undertake a systematic approach to delve into the source code. Break down the code piece by piece to comprehend its workings and find solutions.

Explore Issues and Pull Requests

When searching for solutions to your problems, it's beneficial to explore a library's open issues and pull requests to leverage collective knowledge. Solutions to common problems and alternative approaches can often be found in this collaborative space.

Engage with Larger Codebases

As confidence in code reading grows, challenge yourself with more extensive libraries and frameworks. Understand complex architectural decisions and the rationale behind them to refine analytical skills.

Contribute to Open Source

Broaden your coding experience by contributing to open-source projects. Identify issues, propose solutions, and engage with the larger developer community. This exposure introduces you to diverse coding styles, tools, and workflows. Maintainers on GitHub are typically very welcoming to contributors.


In conclusion, transcending the mid-level stage requires a deliberate and multifaceted approach. Actively engaging with team code, dissecting library source code, and contributing to open-source projects not only enhance technical proficiency but also foster a problem-solving mindset. Embark on this journey with determination, and you'll find yourself not just coding but mastering the craft of solution building.

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