Deep dive into NestJS

The "Deep Dive into NestJS" workshop is designed for developers seeking to master the intricacies of NestJS, a powerful and modular framework for building efficient server-side applications with TypeScript. NestJS offers a robust set of features and abstractions, enabling developers to create scalable and maintainable APIs with ease. In this workshop, participants will embark on an immersive journey into the depths of NestJS, exploring advanced features, efficient architecture patterns, and best practices for building enterprise-grade server-side applications. From dependency injection and middleware to database integration and error handling, attendees will gain the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to leverage NestJS effectively and build high-quality server-side applications.


Understanding NestJS Fundamentals

  • Overview of NestJS framework and its philosophy
  • Key features and benefits of using NestJS for server-side development
  • Introduction to TypeScript and its role in NestJS applications

Dependency Injection and Modular Architecture

  • Deep dive into NestJS dependency injection system
  • Organizing application modules for scalability and maintainability
  • Implementing providers, controllers, and modules in NestJS applications

Middleware and Request Processing

  • Understanding middleware in NestJS and its role in request processing
  • Writing custom middleware for authentication, logging, and error handling
  • Chaining and ordering middleware in NestJS applications

Database Integration with Prisma

  • Integrating Prisma for database access in NestJS applications
  • Defining schema in Prisma file
  • Implementing CRUD operations and advanced querying with Prisma in NestJS

Authentication and Authorization

  • Implementing authentication strategies (e.g., JWT, OAuth) in NestJS
  • Securing API endpoints with guards and interceptors
  • Role-based access control and permissions management in NestJS applications

Error Handling and Logging

  • Implementing centralized error handling and logging in NestJS applications
  • Customizing error responses and status codes
  • Integrating logging libraries and tools for monitoring and debugging

Testing Strategies for NestJS Applications

  • Writing unit tests and integration tests for NestJS controllers and services
  • Mocking dependencies and external services for isolated testing
  • Conducting end-to-end tests with tools like  Jest

Performance Optimization Techniques

  • Identifying and mitigating performance bottlenecks in NestJS applications
  • Optimizing database queries and caching strategies
  • Utilizing NestJS features like async pipes and observables for improved performance

Real-time Communication with WebSockets

  • Implementing real-time communication with WebSockets in NestJS
  • Integrating Socket.IO for bidirectional communication between server and clients
  • Building real-time chat applications and collaborative features with NestJS and WebSockets

Microservices Architecture with NestJS

  • Overview of microservices architecture and its benefits
  • Implementing microservices with NestJS and the NestJS microservices module
  • Inter-service communication and service discovery in microservices architectures

Containerization and Deployment

  • Containerizing NestJS applications with Docker
  • Orchestrating containerized applications with Kubernetes or Docker Compose
  • Deploying NestJS applications to cloud platforms like Digital Ocean, AWS or Google Cloud Platform

Monitoring and Scaling NestJS Applications

  • Monitoring application performance and health with monitoring tools
  • Scaling NestJS applications horizontally and vertically
  • Implementing auto-scaling strategies for handling varying loads

By the end of the "Deep Dive into NestJS" workshop, participants will have gained a deep understanding of advanced NestJS concepts and techniques, enabling them to build scalable, maintainable, and high-performance server-side applications with confidence. They will be equipped with practical strategies, best practices, and hands-on experience to tackle complex challenges in server-side development using NestJS.

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