Building modern API with NestJS and Prisma ORM

The "Building Modern APIs with NestJS and Prisma ORM" workshop is tailored for developers aiming to master the creation of robust and efficient backend APIs using cutting-edge technologies. NestJS provides a powerful and scalable framework for building server-side applications in TypeScript, while Prisma ORM offers an intuitive and type-safe way to interact with databases. In this workshop, participants will embark on a hands-on journey to explore the capabilities of NestJS and Prisma ORM, learning how to design, develop, and deploy modern APIs that adhere to best practices in backend development. From setting up a project to handling data efficiently and implementing API security, attendees will gain the skills and knowledge needed to build high-performance APIs with ease.


Introduction to NestJS and Prisma ORM

  • Overview of NestJS framework and its features
  • Introduction to Prisma ORM and its benefits
  • Understanding the advantages of using NestJS and Prisma together

Setting Up a NestJS Project

  • Installing NestJS CLI and creating a new project
  • Configuring project structure and dependencies
  • Integrating Prisma ORM into a NestJS project

Creating RESTful Endpoints

  • Defining controllers and routes in NestJS
  • Implementing CRUD operations for resource endpoints
  • Handling request validation and error handling

Working with Prisma Models and Schemas

  • Defining database models using Prisma schema
  • Generating Prisma client and interacting with the database
  • Implementing CRUD operations with Prisma in NestJS controllers

Implementing Authentication and Authorization

  • Understanding authentication methods (e.g., JWT, OAuth)
  • Implementing authentication middleware in NestJS
  • Securing API endpoints with role-based access control

Handling Data Relationships

  • Defining and managing relationships between Prisma models
  • Implementing nested CRUD operations for related data
  • Optimizing database queries for performance

Error Handling and Logging

  • Implementing centralized error handling in NestJS
  • Logging request and response data for debugging and monitoring
  • Handling errors gracefully and providing meaningful responses

Unit Testing and Integration Testing

  • Writing unit tests for NestJS controllers and services
  • Mocking Prisma client for isolated testing
  • Conducting integration tests for API endpoints

API Documentation with Swagger

  • Generating API documentation using Swagger in NestJS
  • Documenting API endpoints, request parameters, and response schemas
  • Exploring interactive API documentation features

Optimizing API Performance

  • Implementing caching mechanisms for improved performance
  • Profiling and optimizing database queries with Prisma
  • Utilizing NestJS features for optimizing request handling and response time

Deployment and Continuous Integration

  • Configuring deployment pipelines for NestJS applications
  • Deploying NestJS applications to cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Digital Ocean)
  • Setting up continuous integration with GitHub Actions or other CI/CD tools

Monitoring and Scaling APIs

  • Monitoring API performance and availability with monitoring tools
  • Scaling NestJS applications horizontally and vertically
  • Implementing auto-scaling strategies for handling varying loads

By the end of the "Building Modern APIs with NestJS and Prisma ORM" workshop, participants will have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to design, develop, and deploy robust backend APIs with NestJS and Prisma ORM. They will be equipped with practical strategies, best practices, and hands-on experience to build high-performance APIs that meet modern development standards and drive business success.

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