360 Quality Assurance Assessment

The "360 Quality Assurance Assessment" workshop is designed to provide teams with a comprehensive evaluation of their Quality Assurance (QA) methods, tools, and practices, with the aim of enhancing product quality and performance. Quality assurance is a critical aspect of software development, ensuring that products meet or exceed user expectations while maintaining high standards of reliability, functionality, and usability. In this workshop, participants will undergo a thorough assessment of their QA processes, covering areas such as test planning, test execution, defect management, automation, and continuous improvement. Through a combination of assessments, workshops, and actionable recommendations, teams will gain valuable insights and strategies to optimize their QA efforts and deliver superior-quality products.


Initial Visit and Introduction

Our team visits the client's office for an introduction.

We interact with team members to understand the internal structure and dynamics.

This stage helps in planning the interviews calendar effectively.

Scheduling Interviews

Interviews are scheduled with all or a select number of team members.

We aim to include at least one or two members from each team.

Each interview lasts approximately 40 to 60 minutes.

Conducting Interviews

Interviews focus on open questions about the individual's role, perceptions of the company and projects, daily work, challenges, bottlenecks, and improvement opportunities.

The goal is to create a trusting environment where team members can speak freely and provide candid insights.

Notes are taken meticulously during each interview.

Anonymity is offered for information shared in the final report.

Analysis of Interview Results

After completing all interviews, our team analyses the collected information.

The focus is on identifying patterns, common challenges, and areas of improvement.

Preparation of Final Report

The final report provides a comprehensive analysis of the state of QA within the company.

It covers various areas including, but not limited to, QA processes, bottlenecks in workflows, team motivation, and efficiency.

Development of Action Plan

Alongside the report, we create a detailed, step-by-step action plan.

This plan addresses the issues identified and provides a roadmap for improvement.


1. Final Report:

A detailed document covering:

Assessment of current QA practices and tools.

Analysis of team dynamics and workflow efficiency.

Identification of bottlenecks and improvement areas.

Overview of factors affecting team motivation and output quality.

The report is comprehensive, covering QA and other detected critical areas.

2. Action Plan:

A structured plan outlining:

Specific steps to address identified issues.

Strategies for improving QA processes and overall product development lifecycle.

Recommendations for tools, practices, and team structure adjustments.

Timeline and milestones for implementing these steps.

The Comprehensive 360 Quality Assurance Assessment by CMDN is not just an audit; it's a holistic approach to understanding and improving the quality and efficiency of product development in an organisation. This service is invaluable for companies looking to elevate their QA standards and, by extension, their overall product quality and team performance.

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