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No Tech Co-Founder Required

Are You a Non-Tech Founder? No Problem.

You have a groundbreaking idea and the business acumen to bring it to life. But you're facing the classic startup dilemma: You need tech expertise to build your product. Before you delve into the stressful and lengthy process of finding a co-founder who can code, consider a more efficient, flexible, and less risky alternative—partnering with CMDN.

Why Choose CMDN
Over a Tech Co-Founder?

  • Adaptable Team and On-Demand Expertise
    Your startup will have access to a complete product development team for a monthly flat fee. From product managers and copywriters to CTOs and testers, we provide the roles you need at any stage.
  • Risk Mitigation and Expert Opinions
    We don't promise success, but we can reduce risks, offer valuable insights, and steer you clear of common startup mistakes.
  • Local Talent, No Outsourcing!
    We pride ourselves on a Barcelona-based team of experts who are just a call or a short drive away.
  • Immediate Start and Fast Time-to-Market
    Searching for the perfect tech co-founder can take a long time. With us, you can launch your product in months, not years.
  • Keep Ownership and Avoid Equity Issues
    By working with us, you sidestep the complications that come with equity distribution. Maintain full control of your startup without compromising on technical expertise.

How We Help Founders

Idea Validation

Unless you have already done the validation yourself, we’ll work with you to validate your product idea before writing any code. 

MVP Development

We specialise in lean, effective MVPs ready for user testing and iteration.


Once your MVP is a hit, we’ll help you scale it efficiently.

Investment Rounds

Need to pitch to investors? We can be right there with you, providing the technical expertise to back your vision.

Team Building

When you're ready, we'll help you recruit your own internal team and assist in selecting a stellar CTO.

How It Works

Get a 15-minute personalised consultation with our expert team. Share your project goals, challenges, and aspirations, and we'll provide valuable insights to kickstart your journey to success.


Initial meeting to understand your needs.

Monthly slot reservation

Depending on our current availability, we’ll provide you with a calendar of monthly slots available to reserve and an estimation of how long it will take us to launch your product.


We execute the plan together, keeping you updated at every step.

Our pricing is simple

€10,000 /month

Get your project started with a monthly fee
Learn more


Partnering with CMDN offers you immediate access to a full spectrum of tech expertise without the long search for the perfect co-founder. You avoid equity distribution complications and gain a flexible, adaptable team ready to start immediately, reducing time-to-market significantly.

Of course! Working with CMDN allows you to maintain full control over your startup’s direction, decisions, and ownership, while we provide the technical expertise to bring your vision to life.

Open & frequent communication is key. If you're unsatisfied, we encourage immediate dialogue to realign our efforts with your vision and expectations. Our goal is to adapt to your needs and ensure your product’s success. You have the flexibility to finalise our partnership at any time with a 30-day notice, and all assets produced during our collaboration will remain with their rightful owner—you.

CMDN values your trust and prioritises confidentiality. We're open to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to provide an extra layer of security and assurance, safeguarding your intellectual property and ideas.

CMDN operates on a transparent and simple pricing model: one flat fee for everyone. You can learn more about our pricing here. There are no hidden costs or surprises, ensuring clear and upfront understanding of the investment involved.

What is a Product Team Slot, and how can it benefit my startup?

A Product Team Slot is a dedicated allocation of our expert product development team's resources for a month. It allows you to leverage a diverse team of professionals, including designers, developers, product managers, testers, and more, working collaboratively to bring your product to life efficiently and effectively.

Can I adjust the team slot as my project's needs change?

Absolutely! We understand that startup projects evolve rapidly. You have the flexibility to pause or cancel the team slot at any time, adapting to your changing requirements without any fixed commitments.

How does your flat monthly fee pricing work?

Our pricing model is simple and transparent. For a fixed monthly fee, you get access to a dedicated product team slot, including all necessary roles, without any additional costs or hidden fees. This allows you to plan and budget effectively without worrying about unpredictable expenses.

How long does it take to launch a product using your team slot?

The timeframe for each project varies based on its unique complexity and requirements. Before we start, we provide a high-level estimation free of charge or a detailed roadmap for a small fee. On average, startups see their landing pages live in 4-6 weeks, B2B SaaS MVPs in 2 to 4 months, and hybrid mobile app MVPs in 3 to 5 months.

Can I scale my projects by securing multiple team slots?

Certainly! If you have multiple projects or want to parallelise work, you can secure more than one team slot, allowing you to achieve rapid progress across all your initiatives. Each slot operates independently, ensuring focus and efficiency for each project. However, please note that our capacity is limited, so additional Team Slots are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. We recommend securing your Team Slot as soon as possible to ensure availability and reserve your spot in our development schedule.

Do you offer post-launch support and product growth assistance?

Yes, we are committed to supporting your product after the launch, if you need it. Our team is ready to provide post-launch support, address bug fixes, and assist with feature enhancements. We can also help you with product growth strategies and scaling as your startup expands.

What if my startup's needs evolve beyond your services?

We are dedicated to your startup's success, even if it means eventually transitioning to an internal team. When the time is right, we can help you hire and train your internal team, ensuring a smooth transition and a continuation of the progress we've achieved together.

Can I get a free consultation to discuss my startup's specific needs?

Sure! We offer a free initial consultation to understand your project, discuss your vision, and explore how our team can best support your startup's goals. We'd love to hear about your ideas and discuss how we can help bring them to life.

What industries do you specialise in for startup projects?

We have extensive experience working with startups across various industries, including technology, e-commerce, SaaS, fintech, healthcare, and more. Our adaptive team can tailor our services to meet the specific needs and challenges of your industry.

What kind of projects have you built, and what technologies do you use?

At CMDN, we take pride in our diverse portfolio, which includes successful SaaS platforms, innovative marketplaces, sophisticated web applications, and cutting-edge mobile apps. Our team specialises in  React and Node.js and we are considered to be seasoned experts in the field.

Can you provide references or case studies from other successful startup projects you've worked on?

Certainly! We take pride in our track record of successful startup collaborations. We can provide references and case studies that highlight the tangible value and exceptional results we've achieved for other startup clients.

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Get a 15-minute personalised consultation with our expert team. Share your project goals, challenges, and aspirations, and we'll provide valuable insights to kickstart your journey to success.


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