Build your Company Culture - the Foundation

This course, "Build Your Company Culture - the Foundation," caters to startups and companies embarking on growth journeys with their employees at the forefront. It delves deeply into the significance of fostering a purposeful culture as the cornerstone of success, providing invaluable insights into its design and impact on organizational outcomes. From aligning the culture with company goals and values to navigating the nuances between leadership and management, this course covers essential aspects for cultivating a thriving workplace environment. Participants will explore the art of effective communication strategies and setting up initiatives and policies that attract and retain top talent. Packed with practical tips, and proven strategies, this course enables participants to build a company culture that is not only people-centered but result-driven and primed for sustainable long-term success.


Company Cultures And Why Itʼs Central To Company Success

  • The benefits of a purposeful company culture and why itʼs the foundation for predictable success
  • How to design an impactful company culture that serves the companyʼs goals as well as the peopleʼs
  • Examples from real-world case studies enabling participants to deepen their understanding of the effects and importance of a curated company culture

Aligning Company Culture And Company Goals

  • A companyʼs mission and vision as the North Star for the company culture
  • Implementing a set of guiding principles, aka. values that shape the behavior within the organization
  • Defining an ‘Ideal Employee Personaʼ to reverse engineer a focused and high-performing culture

Leadership And Management And When To Utilize Which

  • Understanding the difference between leadership and management to apply whatʼs needed in the correct context and role
  • Exploring how different leadership styles influence the overall culture for the good or the bad
  • Discover the benefits of defined leadership principles to create a shared framework for decision-making, fostering trust, and accountability

Communication And Its Wide-Ranging Effects Throughout The Organization

  • How open and honest communication about company performance, goals, and challenges sets the stage for trust and loyalty
  • Harvest the power of communication guidelines based on the company values to achieve cohesion and alignment
  • Understand the profound influence of ‘Radical Candorʼ-based feedback that prevents conflict and builds strong relationships

Make Your Work Environment And Setup A Competitive Advantage

  • The importance of psychological safety as a catalyst for creativity and innovation throughout the organization
  • How flexible work arrangements and supportive policies, including benefits, empower a work-life balance that adds to the performance and mental health of all employees
  • Understand the different work setups to choose wisely between the office, hybrid work, work from home (WFH), and fully remote work
  • Explore the benefits of productivity and engagement in intentionally designed physical workspaces (in the office and at home)

Employee Engagement And Development To Retain Your Top Talent

  • Connect to career development and the importance of offering opportunities for professional growth and advancement to keep and grow talent as well as knowledge within the organization
  • Build systems to acknowledge and reward employee achievements and contributions through a recognition and rewards strategy
  • Establish involvement in social responsibility initiatives as well as empowering initiatives that encourage teamwork and collaboration across all levels of the organization

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) And Its Profound Effects On Company Performance

  • Learn about the relevance of DEI in todayʼs professional landscape and talent market
  • Adopt inclusive policies that ensure all employees feel valued and welcomed regardless of their background
  • Attract and nurture a diverse workforce to promote a variety of perspectives and experiences to ensure innovative results and knowledgeable solutions

Implementation Strategies To Ensure Your Company Culture Succeeds

  • Define thought-through onboarding programs that help new hires settle into the companyʼs culture with ease and engagement
  • Find out how recurring initiatives and positive reinforcement boost your culture and engage your employees
  • Curate continuous learning opportunities that reinforce cultural values and practices through training programs and activities
  • Explore how ‘cultural ambassadorsʼ can exemplify and promote your company culture on an informal but deep level

Summary of Learnings and Final Discussion

  • Recap key components and their impact, and the shift to a people-centered mindset covered throughout this workshop
  • Participants share insights and their takeaways to reflect on their learning experiences, better understanding of the topic, and envisioned next steps around company culture

Participants of this course will learn about the significance of creating a purposeful company culture for predictable success. Through shared knowledge, discussions, and real-world case studies, they'll explore designing an impactful culture aligned with organizational goals and employee well-being. Additionally, the course equips participants with practical tools and strategies such as implementing core values, and defining an 'Ideal Employee Persona' for a focused culture. Engagement and development strategies will be explored, including career advancement and DEI initiatives. Implementation strategies, such as onboarding and utilizing 'cultural ambassadors,' will also be discussed.
The course concludes with a summary of key components and their impact, allowing participants to reflect on insights and plan the next steps for enhancing their company culture.

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